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 Asianwolf offers the very best in CCTV Security Cameras and Stand Alone DVR systems. Our CCTV security cameras are made with quality, durability, and affordability in mind. Considering both design and function, our Research and Development Department has successfully combine the very latest in CCTV technology with the sleekest design while at the same time keeping in mind the ever changing environment in todayĀfs world. From High Resolution Day and Night Color Cameras, to Night Vision Zero Lux Cameras, Bullet IR, PTZ camera, hidden cameras, Stand Alone H.264 DVR systems, dome style cameras, and IP cameras, weĀfve got everything you need here all in one place. Whether your budget is high or low, weĀfve got cameras anyone can afford and since you are purchasing direct from a CCTV manufacturer, you can rest assure that you are getting the lowest price anywhere and the greatest customer service possible.
Our security surveillance cameras will provide functionality that fulfills your security system demands entirely. Here at we provide a comprehensive range of CCTV security cameras appropriate for home and business applications, infrared surveillance cameras that work well in outdoor and other dark situations, and vandal proof security cameras. Our dome is also available, along with bullet CCTV cameras for discreet use. We stand behind our equipment with the best service, cutting edge web/technological support and solutions available in the market today.

Nowadays everyone needs to be safe and secure when they are at home, their business, or even when you are on the go. For that you need a CCTV camera system to make sure that you see trouble before it is too late. Cameras are one of the important things that you need when you are looking for a security system in their location. Once you finish finding your CCTV cameras that have good quality and picture you also need a CCTV Stand Alone DVR system to go with. There are two options when you are looking for your CCTV DVR system. You have the CCTV DVR cardĀ@

Our car alarms and remote starters are built with the highest quality parts and are compatible with every car on the planet. Our 2 way car alarms and remote starters are packed full of features and are compatible with an array of car alarm accessories. All of our car alarms comes with all doors protected, keyless entry or remote entry, trunk release ready, shock sensor, car-alarm transmitters, complete wiring harness, and siren. For those of you looking for a high quality car alarm or remote starter, you're in the right place. We are a Car Alarm company with years of experience and have sold thousands of car alarms. Whether you are looking for car alarms wholesale or just looking for one car alarm for your car, we've got you covered. With our car alarm accessories, there is no end with what you can do. You can have the car windows roll up by themselves just by adding a window rollup module. You can also have your car alarm chirp a warning if any one gets to close just by adding a proximity motion sensor. Combining the car alarm proximity sensor with the car alarm window rollup module you can have your car alarm installer set it so that if anyone gets too close to your car, the car alarm proximity sensor will detect their movement and send a signal to the car alarm window module to automatically rollup and close your windows. You can add further protection by adding a glass sensor, car alarm tilt sensor, car alarm air pressure sensor. The glass sensor will detect the high frequency of breaking or cracking glass while the tilt sensor will detect the vertical alignment of your car in the event someone is trying to steal your rims or tow your car. The Air Pressure Sensor will detect the change in air pressure inside your car in the event a window is bust open. Please visit our Car Alarm Forum for more information. Please also visit our car alarm blog.
Everyone knows that surveillance cameras were primarily designed with the intent of providing security for a building, however outside that realm there can be advantages to having inexpensive, high resolution cameras monitoring areas where products are made or tested. Not only can this enhance the level of quality control a company exerts over its product line, it also can provide valuable reference footage down the road when trying to improve products or processes. Here, more than anywhere else, surveillance equipment is an investment.

Surprisingly, though it may seem hard, setting up CCTV system can usually be accomplished a bit easier than if the system was intended to be used for security. For instance, picking out cameras is generally a more streamlined process. Since very few manufacturing plants operate in complete darkness, infrared cameras are seldom needed, and since lighting conditions must be at least decent so employees can see what theyíre doing, generally the lighting dilemma of color which is at a disadvantage in poor light versus black and white becomes a matter of taste; color like the 912 K works if needed, better quality like the 520 K gets the job done if cost is more of an issue. Distance from the camera to the target is still a factor and always will be, however in an industrial environment, where cosmetics arenít an issue and thereís no need to try to conceal cameras, layout can be a lot easier, too, meaning it is possible to place cameras as conveniently as possible.

Having more led lights for night vision view is the always going to be great due to the fact that you need a good security system to take care of either your home or your store. The 912 k has great night vision view with 150 feet of pitch black dark view. The 520 k being better quality will give you better resolution at night so you wonít have to worry about any intruder coming in. Security is always good to have when you have a family or even yourself to worry about. Once you have figured out what you need to have the set up will be a breeze.

Nowadays everyone needs to be safe and secure when they are at home, their business, or even when you are on the go. For that you need a CCTV camera system to make sure that you see trouble before it is too late. Cameras are one of the important things that you need when you are looking for a security system in their location. Once you finish finding your CCTV cameras that have good quality and picture you also need a CCTV DVR system to go with. DVR Stands for Digital Video Recorder meaning that you donít need a big VCR with all those cassettes for you to record to. The CCTV Stand Alone DVR have an easier method of recording and saving the recording, with a Hard Drive (there are many sizes of Hard Drives the bigger the size the more recording space you have) There are two options when you are looking for your CCTV DVR system. You have the CCTV DVR Stand alone system which only requires a TV monitor and the CCTV Stand Alone DVR or you have the CCTV DVR cards for your computer, which utilize the computer that you have so that you can view your cameras via computer There are a few differences between the two and these differences will help you determine which DVR system will be the best for you.

When it comes down to making sure that there is security around you, you need a good set of cameras and you also need a CCTV DVR System. The CCTV Stand Alone DVR is a good choice if you want to make the people in your liquor store, 99 cent store or place of business aware that they are being recorded and you are watching their every single move every step they take. CCTV Stand Alone DVR Systems are usually place next to your television so you can also disguise it in your home and make it seem as if you donít have a CCTV Stand Alone DVR system.

The great thing about having the CCTV Stand Alone DVR is that compared to the computer, the memory being used in the CCTV Stand Alone DVR system is specifically used for the recording that the CCTV Camera is detecting, that way if anything happens you are assured that you have the recording on the CCTV Stand Alone DVR. Another great thing about the CCTV Stand Alone DVR is that you can take the CCTV Stand Alone DVR with you anywhere you go and connect any camera to it. It is a very reliable system which allows you to extract the video of the CCTV Stand Alone DVR into a flash drive. The CCTV Stand Alone DVR has a USB Drive for easy extraction for videos and it allows you to connect to a TV monitor or a computer monitor. It also has access for you to view your cameras from the web, so you can remotely view everything from anywhere in the world.

Nowadays everyone needs to be safe and secure when they are at home, their business, or even when you are on the go. For that you need a CCTV camera system to make sure that you see trouble before it is too late. Cameras are one of the important things that you need when you are looking for a security system in their location. Once you finish finding your CCTV cameras that have good quality and picture you also need a CCTV DVR system to go with. There are two options when you are looking for your CCTV DVR system. You have the CCTV DVR cards for your computer, which utilize the computer that you have so that you can view your cameras via computer or you can go ahead with the CCTV DVR Stand alone. There are a few differences between the two and these differences will help you determine which DVR system will be the best for you.

The CCTV DVR cards are one of the two options that you have when you are looking for a security system for your home, business or office. When it comes to CCTV DVR Cards, these cards fit right into your computer and you can monitor your CCTV cameras while you are browsing the internet or just going about your daily business everyday. These CCTV DVR cards come in different shapes, sizes and space for CCTV cameras starting from as low as 1 (LE-6804) camera up to 16 (LE-9008A)cameras with one card. Having a CCTV DVR card with your computer for monitoring your home, business, or office has its pros and cons.

The cons to having a CCTV DVR card is that you have to make sure that your CCTV DVR Card is compatible with you computer (remember you can not place a CCTV Card into a laptop, they are to small and compact to put anything into) . The other bad thing about having a CCTV DVR Card is that all the memory inside your computer will be shared with the CCTV DVR program, at times your computer may be slowed down due to all the programs you would have running at one time.

The pros for having a CCTV DVR system is that you really wont have to worry about monitoring whatís going on while you are browsing the web, or just doing day to day business. The other good thing is that you can playback all the recording from your desk, you donít have to get up to change anything on the television. If you are a computer savvy person you will have fun knowing you can stack these cards (able to put more than one card on computer for more CCTV Cameras).

Do you ever wonder how secure you are in your office? Do you ever feel as if you donít have security in your workplace? Would you like to know what other are talking about while you are not in the room. Now there is a way where you can have a covert CCTV camera surveillance system without anyone realizing it. It is easy to use and easy to set up. Since the CCTV camera surveillance system is wireless you wonít have to worry about running any wires to any location all you do is make sure that the wireless CCTV camera and the wireless CCTV recorder are charged and ready to turn on when you place the items in your desired location. That way whenever anyone is in the room or office next door you can see what is going on. The new Palm Boy 3.0 has arrived! Four channel portable handheld recorder. See and record all in the palm of your hand. This is the perfect device to have if you have a business and want to see what your employees are doing, if you have a roommate and suspect him/ her of taking your food from the fridge, or even if you are a parent and you want to see what your children are doing when you leave them in the play room.

This CCTV camera surveillance system (Palmboy 3.0.) is a wireless 2.4 GHZ camera and recorder. The wireless CCTV camera has a line of sight of 300 feet, so you can be in the next room while you are keeping an eye on what is happening in the other room. The CCTV wireless camera is small like a bullet CCTV camera so you wont have to worry about running any wires (that keeps everyone from knowing that they are being recorded.) In Wireless Record Mode, view on its color LCD screen and record to its internal memory or optional SD card. Add an SD card and record hours of video. In Multimedia Player Mode, play or upload videos, MP3s and store photos. Connect this unit to your computer via USB and download and upload files and video. You an even connect this unit to a remote control car so you can get a birds eye view of where you are going.

Do you ever wonder how a professional private investigator feels when he is on a case where he needs to find out specific information about a person, i.e. investigate if the husband/wife is cheating, something regarding insurance fraud or to know who is trying to stalk you. There are many things everyone nowadays is unaware of like Identity theft personal security and your familyís security. With this CCTV surveillance body cam DVR system you can be assured of what you are recording while you are on the go at the park or just visiting friends.

The CCTV Wolfcom PV5 Button is a great choice when you need to keep surveillance on what is going on around you. This CCTV Wolfcom security PV5 Button consist of two things, first it consist of a CCTV CCD 450 TV Line resolution camera that comes with buttons (in case you need to put it on your shit, blouse, jacket etc.) A very compact CCTV CCD color camera that has a microphone to record audio to go with the video you are capturing. The entire CCTV Camera set includes the RCA cables so you can view your video on the television, a battery pack in case you want to power the camera without a CCTV recorder, a separate microphone in case you can focus in on the audio with the one on the camera and 20 button 5 of each different type of button that come included. This CCTV color camera gives you a 450 TV lines of resolution so you can have a clear picture as if you were there when the actual footage was taken.

The second part to this CCTV Wolfcom PV5 Button camera is the recorder. The recorder is the PV-500 this small recorder is the size of a cigarette pack so I case you want to be covert you can easily place it into one. The PV500-button combo's main feature of this design compared with other units is a 1-touch recording button. Instead of shuffling through menus, like other recording devices this unit allows you to have the access to one button for stop and record. The unit has audio and video inputs so that you can add external cameras or video sources. The PV-500 also includes a Velcro holster that fits securely onto your belt and will allow you to do one touch recording for the video. This PV5 Button CCTV camera is the perfect thing in case you want to record your everyday moves or if anyone is trying to do something bad to you.

Security in the home, the work place and when you are on the road is one of the most important things in life. Having a CCTV Security system in your home is great because it keeps you knowledgeable of the outside world and keeps you on your toes.

For a CCTV Security system some people prefer to have everything wired and hidden from everyone and others prefer to have everything wireless. There are some differences when you have a wired CCTV Security system. For a CCTV Security System you need the cameras, the cables for the cameras, the power supply, the location of where you want the cameras and either a CCTV DVR Card for the computer or a CCTV Stand Alone DVR. If you want to make the CCTV DVR security system wireless you will need a Wireless Transmitter Receiver (2000 MA) which will convert your wired system into a wireless one. It is great to have a CCTV Security system that is wireless but you also have to keep in mind that wireless transmissions are not as reliable as a wired system.

The (2000 MA) CCTV wireless transmitter and receiver has a range between 2500 and 3000 feet in open space. The transmitter connects to the camera and the receiver connects to the CCTV Stand Alone DVR or whatever device you are transmitting your picture to.

The great thing to have the wireless CCTV system is that you do not have to worry about any burglars or anyone that is not you to look and find the wires to unplug the CCTV cameras from the mounting. It is also very easy to set up since you donít have to put any wiring together all you will need to do is place the power supply to connect to the CCTV Camera and to the Transmitter and Receiver. Having a transmitter and receiver has its downside also. If you have any wireless devices in your home, that does bring the range on the wireless transmitter and receiver range down. Cordless phones wireless routers and devices like that around the home will affect the range on the (2000 MA) wireless Transmitter Receiver. Another thing that brings the wireless transmission will be thick and steel walls. You also have to keep in mind that the (2000 MA) has to be placed in a high area in the home. The higher the CCTV transmitter-receiver is the better the picture will be when you try to view the video.

DoDo you wonder how it will be when you can record while you are being protected by the sun? Do you ever feel as if you missed out on something while walking to work, to an outing or home? It is always good to be secured and have records of what you are doing on a day to day basis. No you have the ability to walk around and record what you are doing with our Wolfcom CCTV Sun Glass DVR video and audio recorder. You can make sure that if anything happens to you, you can make sure that you have a record of what happened to you.

This is Wolfcomís spy gadget, the on the go eyewear CCTV recorder, or the SGDVR-100. This spy sunglass has a fully functional built-in video CCTV camera and 2GB of built-in memory that will last for up to 5 hours of recording time. This CCTV camera even has a built-in microphone for audio recording. This Wolfcom CCTV SG-DVR looks like regular sun glasses but with the advantage that no one knows they are being recorded. The CCTV Sunglass DVR (SG-DVR 100) records at 30 Frames per second which means that you are recording the activity as it is happening, you are also viewing the recording in real time which means that you donít have to worry about having a distorted video everything will be as it happened. This CCTV camera records at a resolution of 320x240 and has great quality.

The Wolfcom CCTV SGDVR-100 is perfect for all undercover operations. You can wear the CCTV sunglasses when you go out for the day to record your life for fun, or private investigators can wear them around to document cases and make sure they have all the evidence they need for the client. You can also leave the in your home or office to record whatís going on when you are not around. This is the perfect addition for anyone whether you are using it to have fun or retrieve evidence.

HaHave you ever wished that you can record your every moment when you go out and have an adventure? Now we have a CCTV product available for you where you can a birdís eye view of what happened to you during your adventure. If your adventure consist driving your bike around town or even if you want to record your morning jog the X-2 CCTV camera recorder is the best choice for you. With a variety of different mounts that it comes with the CCTV X-2 recorder will capture every single moment you are having fun. It is like having a CCTV DVR system in your head you get the full view of your adventure. This CCTV camera can be mounted on your motorcycle, a paintball gun, your helmet when you go rock climbing and it comes with a recorder so you can be assured of what you are recording while you are recording. It also comes with a variety of mounts so in case you are having an adventure everyday you will be ready to go while you have fun.
4 channel DVR Back in the old days no one can afford a CCTV Standalone DVR System accept big business owners and banks! Now with the improvement of technology, Standalone CCTV DVR Systems are affordable and can be used to monitor virtually anything you can think about whether itís your home, business or vacation house in the Bahamas. is proud to present their high end line of 4 Channel, 8 Channel, and 16 Channel Standalone DVR CCTV security systems. All of our DVR systems have the ability to record in color video and includes one to 4 channels that records audio. Our Standalone CCTV DVR security systems come standard with motion detect capability so you can get the most out of you 500gb hard drive, 1TB hard drive, and 2TB hard drive. These CCTV DVR systems give you the ultimate capability to view your system anywhere in the world using the internet explorer and or smart phones such as a blackberry or an iPhone. A great product recommended to have with these DVR Syetems is a night vision/a> security camera that sees in vivid color during the day and then automatically switches to night vision mode at night once its photo sensor detects low light. For average quality I would recommend a 420 TVL CCTV night vision such as the 720L with the capability to see 50 feet in the dark. For a high quality 700 TVL camera, I recommend the 700K weatherproof night vision color CCTV security camera that can see 130 feet in total darkness.  For you guys looking for a totally wireless security system I do not recommend it to be honest with you. You will encounter a lot of interferences problems and your system will be very susceptible to having your cameras viewed by a third party using a simple wireless camera scanner. I do recommend having one of our CCTV cameras paired with our Model 2000MA 2000 foot wireless transmitter and receiver for a one camera wireless setup. Itís perfect for those who need a wireless camera for those hard to reach or hard to install places such as a long driveway or high ceilings with no crawl spaces or for those of you who live on a farm. Farmers and breeders can use our CCTV Standalone DVR System to view their property, farmland, barn and animals especially if a horse was giving birth and you wanted to keep an eye on the process. Our DVR Standalone Systems are high quality and last a life time, they will exceed your expectations and leave you feeling secured.