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Innovations In Technology!

Asianwolf.com specializes in Security: Business, Personal and Auto.

We specialize in creating products to meet your needs. Our main focus lies in providing the best of CCTV and digital video recording (DVR) technologies.

Asianwolf.com is ever increasing our product line ranging from home and small business security, consumer electronics, CCTV security cameras, DVR systems and covert video surveillance. With offices in the United States and Asia, we work continually with our manufacturing team to provide innovative solutions to your security needs. We strive to achieve above and beyond your expectations providing services such as product customization, research and development and OEM.

 Asianwolf.com believes in building our business through volume instead of high prices, providing low-cost, high-quality security solutions. We are committed to customer service and customer satisfaction and our group of sales and customer service specialists are always on hand to assist you.

Asianwolf.com was started in 2000 and in the 8 years since has grown to 8 employees and 5 regional reps with annual sales increased by millions in the last year.  Our Company initially launched several successful products in the Auto Security & Car Audio sector and has since moved to increase it's product line to include Home Security, CCTV Security Cameras, DVR systems, and Covert Video Surveillance.  The latter providing products and assistance to law enforcement and Private investigators across the United States.

Our Business

With Offices in the USA and China we give you the advantage and low cost benefit of dealing with a Chinese manufacturer but without the language or cultural barrier.  Our friendly English & Chinese speaking staff in our US office can easily assist you with your requirements. Whether its an OEM product or package design & development or purchasing large or small, we are ready to assist you.

Most of our latest products are stocked and shipped from Los Angeles which cuts down on lead time. Instead of going to Asia to source your products, We've brought Asia to you.


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