Cell Phone Multifunctional DVR with Hidden Spy Video Motion Detect Camera and Audio Recorder

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What's This?does your recorder need more memory? With this you can record for over 2 to 3 hours
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What's This?does your recorder need more memory? With this you can record for over 8 to 12 hours
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What's This?does your recorder need more memory? With this you can record for over 16 to 24 hours
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Need help choosing the perfect spy gadget?  Our agents will be glad to assist you in finding the spy gadget to fit your needs.  Call us at 1-800-282-1351 and let us help you make the right choices.

There are many spy cameras and gadgets out there, but it is always best to have the newest spy camera there is.  The cellular phone with concealed video and audio recorder is the newest spy gadget out in the market.  Want to have the best and latest devices?   This is the secret hidden camera all in one unit to have.

The Cell Phone CCTV hidden camera with audio and multiple functions is so convenient.  When you are walking around on the street or in a mall or just about anywhere, donít you always see that everybody is holding their cell phone in their hand.  It is so normal for every person, no matter what age, to have a cell phone.  That is why having a video and audio recorder disguised as a cell phone is a brilliant idea.  You can record everything you see and hear anywhere you are going.  Wither you are walking around your office, a store, somebodyís house, an outdoor event, virtually anywhere. 

Ever think your siblings are using your things, or your nanny is not doing their job, or maybe your employees are sneaking into your office?  There are so many things that go on when you are not looking.  The cell phone recording device is the ideal hidden spy camera to have to have eyes and ears anywhere.

The light weight covert secret camera in a cell phone is an excellent size so you can keep the multifunctional device handy at all times.  There are so many uses to this spy gadget device.

The hidden camera video and audio recorder can be held in your hand at all times to record visual and audio anywhere you go.  The pinhole camera has a hidden lens on the top of the fake cell phone so you can point it in any direction you want to record video.  If you are in a meeting and need to record just audio, you can do that too!  There is an audio only feature that starts recording audio with just a press of one button on your handy dandy spy device. 

The spy secret video and audio recorder can be left on a desk in your home or office to confirm any suspicious activity you think might go on while you are not there.  The motion detect feature is so clever and will help you save recording space on your recording unit.  Easily press the motion detect button to turn on the motion detect feature and the hidden camera cell phone will only record audio and video once the device encounters movement in front of the camera.  This also saves you time watching your recording files.  You only have to view the recordings where activity is going on.  No more watching video files of an empty room.

The video resolution is shocking sharp and clear.  The resolution can be changed and you can choose up to 1280x960. 

Not only can this concealed pinhole spy camera do all these cool fun features, it can also take pictures.  Just press one button on your multiuse convenient spy cell phone gadget and the picture file will automatically save onto you MicroSD memory card.  The digital picture camera is an amazing 8.0 mega pixels.

What is also great about the all in one secret camera cell phone is that is has a Bi-Ion battery thatís rechargeable.  The battery life while recording video and audio is about 6 hours.  If you are just recording audio then the hidden audio device can record up to 72 hours of audio recordings.  This incredible recording device can support up to 32GB MicroSD card.



-        Video and audio recording

-        Audio only

-        Motion detect feature

-        Digital camera pictures

-        Snap shot button for fast picture taking

-        Screen off function

-        Zoom in and out

-        Date and time Stamp

-        Screen for playback

-        Rechargeable battery

-        Webcam

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Video resolution: 640 x 480

Picture resolution: 1280 x 960

Video format: AVI

Video Compression: MPEG4

Picture format: JPEG

Power input: DC-5V

Transfer Interface: Mini 8 pin USB

Battery: 1000mAh, 3.7V, Li-ion battery

Support Systems: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; MAC OS 10.4; Linux

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-        Cell phone recorder

-        2 x USB

-        User manual

-        CD


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