Wolfcom Mini Micro Sc-150 High Resolution Hidden Pinhole Snake CCTV Color Spy Security Camera

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What's This?12VDC, 500mA power supply intended for use with a variety of Asianwolf cameras. It has a 6' cord with a standard DC barrel connector.
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What's This?This 65 foot cable supports Stereo Audio and Composite RCA Video from almost any video source to our DVR system!
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What's This?This 150 foot cable supports BNC Video from almost any video source to our DVR system!
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What's This?Use these RCA Female to BNC Male Connectors if your device features a BNC connector and you want to connect it with a cable fitted with an RCA-style connector.
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The high resolution snake CCTV camera is an innovated covert hidden camera that has been designed to work with high resolution recorders.  This tiny black pinhole camera provides high quality clear video picture at 420 TV lines of resolution in sharp color.  The high density external microphone picks up audio for audio recording. 

The micro SC-150 is the ideal spy hidden camera for the most secretive of operations.  It is so small that you can hide this pinhole mini black covert camera almost anywhere.  Think like a private detective and find the best place to keep this snake spy camera hidden in your home or business.  The microphone for audio is so important.  Having video without audio makes no sense.  Being able to hear the conversation in the room gives you evidence that cannot be denied.

This pinhole covert snake camera can be used both indoors and outdoors.  The tiny camera can be used during the day in light or in low lighting with its 1 LUX.  The small size and light weight makes the Micro SC-150 camera easy and convenient to use in all situations. 

The scenarios that this camera can be used in are endless.  The hidden pinhole camera can be used to watch your child’s babysitter as a nanny camera while you are not home.  Make sure you always know the safety of your dear children.  You can even hide this camera in your office to make sure your employees are stealing under your nose.  Or just simply as a secret security surveillance system to keep eyes and ears on everything.

This security camera easily connect to any recording device, such as a portable DVR, a standalone DVR, a VCR, a TV or anything else with a RC connection.  The camera will need a 12V200mAh power supply (not included).


·        Pinhole 3.7mm camera lens

·        420 TV Lines of resolution

·        ¼”  Sharp CCD camera

·        1LUX low lighting

·        External microphone for audio

·        RC connection

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¼” Sharp CCD color camera

420 TVL resolution


TV system: NTSC

Scanning type: 2:1 interleaved

Gamma Characterstic 0.45

White balance: auto

B.L.C.: auto

Power supply: DC5V

  • Color Snake Camera
  • RCA and Power Adapter Pigtail
Average rating is 5
By:  bolng tisot
New York,NY
the pictures and videos they made are great i saw this in a store but they wouldn’t let me try it out so when i saw it on asianwolf,i just went right ahead and bought this product. but the video gave me the final decision
By:  Malik White
Long Beach,CA
bought to spy on my self while I sleep. the wife said I was doing some crazy stuff in my sleep. so wanted a cheap way to watch my self sleep. picture reselution is ok. not high quality and a little grainy. but is a security cam so this is normal. very small and compact. could hide it well. doesnt do well in low light though.

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