Wolfcom SS-13 Wireless Spy Camera Bug Detector and Spy camera finder

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Wireless Bug Detector and Wireless Hidden Camera Finder


Worried about somebody listening in on your conversations in your home or office?  Scared somebody is watching you?


Use Wolfcom’s SS-13 wireless bug detector to help locate listening bugs, GSM bugs, and GPS trackers.  The spy gadget detector can also guide you to location of wireless hidden spy cameras.  Wolfcom’s SS-13 detects RF signals that are given off by these spy devices.  There are indicator lights that help you find the area in which there spy bugs or camera can be. 


Remember that RF signals are also given off by your household or business items like cordless phones or wireless routers, so be sure to unplug those before you start your search.  The frequencies that the ss-13 spy finder detects are 1MHz ~6.0GHz.  There is also a silent vibrate mode if you need to be discreet.




-        Detects wireless bugs, listening bugs, GPS trackers, GSM bugs

-        4 indicator lights

-        Earphones alert mode

-        Silent vibrate mode

-        Sensitivity settings

-        Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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Detecting as follows: Frequency 1MHz ~6.0GHz


Monitor. (1MHz--470MHz)
Alert mode 1 4 indicator lights and "DiDi" voice

Telephone monitor (50MHz--460MHz)
Alert mode 2 Vibration + 4 indicator lights

Mobile phone monitor(500MHz--2500MHz)
No-voice, 4indicator lights and earphone
Alert mod 3

Digital monitor (900MHz--1900MHz)
detecting alert voice.

Car monitor (500MHz--1900MHz)
Can play down or adjust high detecting Button

Car tracker (900MHz--1900MHz)
sensitivity (You can locate pinhole camera

Pinhole camera (700MHz--5800MHz)
as long as the detecting range is dwindled

Encrypt camera (2400MHz--5800MHz)
and sensitivity is played down).

Gambling fraudulent practices' device
No-voice vibration induction. As long as

Wiring radiated source
induction let it detect secretly in any special

Technical Specifications

Frequency: 1 MHz - 6 GHz
Lower Frequency: 0 ~ 120 MHz
Higher Frequency: 149 MHz ~ 400 MHz
GSM: 900 MHz ~ 1900 MHz
Detectable Image Frequency: 200 MHz ~ 2400 MHz
MicroWave Frequency: 2400 MHz ~ 6 GHz
Working Voltage: 3V (AAA x 2)
Working Current: Caution 8mA Vibration 70mA
Sensitivity: Max 10 meters Depends on output of Transmitter Detected
Color: Bright Silver
Dimension: 56 x 90 x 17 mm
Weight: 50g
Gross Weight 100g

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1 x SS-13 wireless bug and camera detector

1 x Headphones 

1 x User manual


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