Wolfcom Technologies DVR Stand Alone Systems are one of the smartest solutions for those looking for an easy to use do it yourself home or business CCTV security system.  Save thousands of dollars by installing it yourself and purchasing direct from the CCTV manufacturer. We offer DVR Stand Alone Systems  for those who prefer owning a feature packed DVR Systems  and for those who want an easy to use easy to setup surveillance system. Stand Alone DVR Systems  offer the best in CCTV technology. From Motion Detect Recording, Internet Remote View, and User Log in Permission to High Frame Rate and  Real time Data Transfer over the internet. Our Stand Alone DVR Systems can record for months depending on your specific setup and amount of hard drive space.

The great thing about having the CCTV Stand Alone DVR is that compared to the computer, the memory being used in the CCTV  Stand Alone DVR System is specifically used for the recording that the CCTV Camera is detecting, that way if anything happens you are assured that you have the recording on the CCTV  Stand Alone DVR. Another great thing about the CCTV Stand Alone DVR is that you can take the CCTV  Stand Alone DVR with you anywhere you go and connect any camera to it. It is a very reliable system which allows you to extract the video of the CCTV  Stand Alone DVR into a flash drive. The CCTV  Stand Alone DVR has a USB Drive for easy extraction for videos and it allows you to connect to a TV monitor or a computer monitor. It also has access for you to view your cameras from the web, so you can remotely view everything from anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions or need help customizing your Standalone DVR purchase or If you  need to customize a package even further, please call us at 1-800-282-1351  today to get started building your complete CCTV system!